Heidi Petith


I’m a student journalist, wife and mother of toddlers.

At present, I’m on a journey to become a fully-fledged journalist like my hero, Louis Theroux. I admire his penchant for asking those awkward questions at just the right moment. Plus, his British humour.

As for me, I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and believe all people have an interesting story to tell once you dig it out of them.

I am looking forward to completing my studies by the year’s end. However, I already feel privileged having had the opportunity to interview people from all walks of life including a koala rescuer, big-pharma manager, world-renowned scientists, psychologists, doctors, councillors, local mums and even boxers.

I can only dream of what lies ahead in my journalism career.

In the meantime, I need all of the experience I can get my eager hands on, so please feel free to reach out if you have an opportunity in mind.

My mobile is 0434 497 055 and my email is heidipetith@gmail.com