I’m Heidi Petith – a student studying journalism at USQ. I’m also a mother of two ratbag toddlers and a wife to the kid I had a high school crush on.

My lifelong passion is learning. I was that kid who read encyclopaedias for fun and geeked out on assessment. Once I attached a plastic bag of tomato sauce to a gown that I would later pierce to imply fake blood in my rendition of Lady Macbeth’s suicide. (Unfortunately, the bag didn’t pop open on the first attempt, and so my character’s demise was met with laughter).

Being creative is my other passion. Thankfully I have improved somewhat since I painted a barely-there-resemblance portrait for my Nanna back in high school, which still takes pride of place on her wall. I’ve uploaded some of my creative pieces which you can access via the menu.

Nowadays, I’m on a journey to become a fully-fledged journalist like my hero, Louis Theroux. Thus, this site is my working online portfolio as well as my blogging outlet. I need all of the experience I can get my eager hands on, so please feel free to reach out if you have an opportunity in mind.

My mobile is 0434 497 055 and my email is heidipetith@gmail.com