Heidi Petith - Journalist

About me

I’m a journalist, content maker and artist based in South East Queensland yet I grew up between the beaches, rainforest, cane and coal in Mackay.  (To this day, I still struggle to wear anything but flip-flops).

I married my high-school crush and now we have two toddlers who have trained me to work efficiently at every given opportunity, including university study.

Just about anything can become interesting to me. My dining table is usually scattered with a pile of books ranging from world history to Motley Crue’s biography and my latest jigsaw puzzle in progress. But I still have not learned to whistle (this makes it difficult to call my dog), click my fingers or roll my tongue.

I am now looking for a full-time journalist position so I can receive an income for doing what I love: writing, meeting and interviewing people and creating digital media.

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2016-2018 Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)

University of Southern Queensland

GPA of 6.5

2011-2014 Not-completed Bachelor of Education (Primary)

16 x completed units

GPA of 6.66