Today marks day two of single parenthood as Clint camps away for work. It is not yet 5pm, the sun is still blazing with near 30 temperatures and I’ve already put the kids to bed (and yes, they’re showered and fed). They’re clearly still awake, but I just couldn’t stand them being up and near me for another minute. Let me explain…

Everyone knows kids behave differently in the care of their mums compared to their dads. And especially different with their daycare mum/dad, who gets them to nap on time without fail. (To my daycare mum, please come home already. I, and the kids miss you dearly. Especially me).

My almost three year old is hard of hearing, or at least concerning doing as she’s told. If there’s a cream, lotion, potion, what have you, within reach – there’s a guarantee she’ll use it. Today, Mr. 1 received a full scalp – liberally applied – hair treatment and toothpaste salve to all limbs. And the very specific instruction of “stop mucking around and go to sleep” was ignored too many times to count (to the detriment of both hers and her brothers’ much needed nap).

On the plus side, Miss 2 is finally doing poos on the toilet. On the down side, she then used the toilet brush to prod around in her poo like it’s paint on a brush, followed by attempting to rinse her hands in the toilet water after I told her to “go wash her hands”.

Now for my other toddler that has me highly strung. He’s now 15 months old and still breastfeeding. That I can handle. What I can’t handle is the constant clinginess and the full-body-weight cry-till-I-die tantrums when I bar him from sitting in my lap. It may sound like I’m being cruel, but when your kid needs to be in your lap every second minute you start to lose your cool.

Here, I’ll insert the necessary clause that of course I love my kids and enjoy their company most of the time. But today, my goodness, I just want them to go to sleep so I can once again say I miss them!

Parents with toddlers, do you feel me?

On a more serious note:

Seriously, parenting isn’t great all of the time. Some days are just one big fuckery test of patience. Instagram isn’t going to show you these days exist, but I guarantee you, every parent (except for those rare Mary Poppins types whom see all children as angels) is nodding in silent agreement. It’s okay to admit the hard times. It doesn’t make you an ungrateful parent. It makes you real.

As I post this, both of my kids have reached the point of slightly too upset and so I must fetch them and try again in one hour. ABC kids, we’re coming for you.

Over and out x