Queensland’s catch-and-kill shark control policy reveals more than the ethical dilemma of humans versus sharks

News analysis submitted in October 2019 for JRN8001 Analytical & Opinion Writing (Masters)

When new parents hit rock bottom: more than just the ‘baby blues’

Her struggles culminated in a note left for her husband before she intended to commit suicide. “I wrote a message to him saying, ‘Look, I’m really sorry, I can’t do it anymore. Like you guys deserve better. She’s in her cot. You’ll find her there’.

Will vegans outnumber meat-eaters?

No longer a fringe movement, the growing number of vegans include Australia’s former fast-bowler, Jason Gillespie. They’re making their case and corporations are paying attention.

Vegan activists stop pig truck

Animal activists from Brisbane travel to the South Burnett Region to “bear witness” and “raise awareness” at the largest pig slaughterhouse in the southern hemisphere.