Clint and I finally had a date night on Saturday, the first one in over seven months! We only had a few hours to spare and so I signed us up to a life drawing class. Basically, it’s three hours of sketching a nude model with differing time allowances and poses.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect date! Sure, we could have opted for the traditional dinner and drinks, movies, or any number of fun things… but what could be better than mostly silence, no people asking you questions, requiring or hanging off of your body? Sounds like the complete opposite to parenting to me! Three whole beautiful hours of complete serenity and calm for the mind; in what felt like the first time in years, I could truly concentrate on only the task at hand.

I’ve posted some photos of our sketches below to share with you all. Keep in mind Clint has never professed to be a drawer, and I haven’t drawn properly since high school (which is over eight years ago). Between us, there were a number of quiet giggles as we frantically tried to make some sort of semblance to the graceful naked woman in front of us before the timer sounded.

What out of the ordinary things have you done for date night? I’d love to hear your ideas and stories.

Behold our glorious art!

Life Drawing - Heidi Petith
Two minutes is simply not long enough! At least in Clint’s case, it wasn’t long enough to draw her head haha.
Life Drawing - Heidi Petith
We were beginning to improve with five minutes on the clock.
Life Drawing - Heidi Petith
Jack Dawson anyone?
Life Drawing - Clint & Heidi Petith
Apparently I gave her a really round bum, but I’d argue that’s preferable to having webbed feet. With 15 minutes on the clock, we both attempted to draw some details for her hands and feet.
Life Drawing - Heidi & Clint Petith
Webbed feet be gone – we were finally improving. Again, we had 15 minutes for this one.
Life Drawing - Heidi & Clint Petith
This was meant to be our masterpiece – our pièce de résistance… a whole 25 minutes on the clock to flesh out a work of art! I drew a great disservice to the model’s face. I cannot articulate or understate just how difficult it is to draw facial features (I have managed to improve somewhat since this night). I do believe Clint is the clear winner here. It was obvious he chose the refined approach of elegance, emanating artists such as Tracey Emin and Egon Schiele. He could be on to something here; similar works of art fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction!

Looking for your own creative date night idea?

Check out That’s where I found this class.

Google Search is also becoming quite comprehensive these days. Have a go – type in anything from ‘playground’ to ‘life drawing’ to ‘nightclub’ and you’ll be provided with a chock a block full list of activities and locations with real-person photos, reviews and advice. I already have my own list of areas to check out in and around Brisbane. Why not contribute your own review?