In two days time it is June. That’s practically half of the year gone. My son is now nine months old and my daughter is steadily moving towards three. And thus, as it is customary for me to do, I’d like to share with you all some snippets from our hectic life.

Harvey with yoghurt - Heidi Petith

This right here, is what happens when you leave your toddler alone with your baby to go to the toilet. They help themselves to the fridge and all of its bounty. Young kids are synonymous with mess, and thus, I thought bugger it, and let him be with his tub.

My tip to soon to be parents of two: embrace the mess. Besides, you’ll get a few extra minutes of peace if you let them continue to play in it.

The innocent perpetrator - Heidi Petith

The “innocent” perpetrator.

Eli the cat is a placid cat, and luckily so, as I’m not sure how many grown felines would be complacent with having dirt piled on top of them by a small human.

Eli, our placid cat - Heidi Petith

The bottom photo is of Gemma playing Harvey’s favourite cartoon on the iPhone for them both to enjoy. This side by side comparison also allows you to gauge what 19 months difference in age looks like; in my pair’s case, it’s very little!

Gemma learning to ride - Heidi Petith

Unfortunately for Gemma, I’m fairly sure she inherited my physical clumsiness. I think it will be some time yet before we see her ride a bike. But that’s okay, because she’s got her Dad to push her around on it to her heart’s content. And mine, as I watch on.

Bath time

Thank goodness these two can finally share a bath! Bath time has gone from multitasking two separate tubs, making sure both keep their heads above water and come out relatively clean, to putting in some bubbles and sitting back as they entertain each other. Bath time is now fun! I can even read a book in relative peace. I’m stoked. Here they were all eyes on Dad as he did the classic parent thing of making a fool of himself in order to bring a smile to the faces of small children.

Harvey at Easter

Can I share photos of Easter? Who has time to upload photos straight away anyway?

Frankie & Gemma

Gemma & Nan

So bloody cute… Gemma is just enamoured with her Nan. Requests are made on the daily from little miss to call each of her grandparents. It’s certainly not easy living away from just about all of your family and raising two young kids; you can’t offload to the grandparents when you need a break, and the kids have to squeeze in their bonding time on short holiday stays. Thankfully for Gemma, she is now a video call expert, and will work her way through her list of contacts to have a yarn.

Harvey smiling with his Dad

I don’t think it gets cuter than this, nor could you find a smile larger. I will forever cherish this photo. Yep, it’s perfect.

Gemma with Aunties

What’s better than one aunt? Two. Even if you sometimes get their names confused little miss.

Gemma crazy hair

I’m that parent who does silly things to their child for my own amusement. Gemma thought she was entertaining on her own merit, and I wasn’t going to tell her otherwise.

Gemma cranky at the door

This was the face that I was greeted with when Gemma was angry with me. She wasn’t getting her own way, was bored as I was doing housework, and thus, she resorted to pulling faces through the glass door. I simply don’t know where you get your attitude and sass from.

In all seriousness, I know exactly where it’s from and so, I’ve learnt to embrace it more than anything else. Gemma can be witty, cheeky and a smart arse, and so my challenge is to hone it in the right direction. This girl of mine won’t be shy or meek. She’ll be confident and go after her dreams.

And so, by the next time I update you all with photos, I most likely will have two toddlers, and zero babies. I will therefore, appropriately, be crying, and debating whether to commit an act of temporary insanity in considering a third child. Until then, I have three months of gushy, squishy baby-ness left.