Vigil held at Swickers factory

Animal activists from Brisbane travel to the South Burnett Region to “bear witness” and “raise awareness” at the largest pig slaughterhouse in the southern hemisphere.

Vegan activists have stopped a pig truck to hold an animal vigil outside of Swickers Bacon Factory in Kingaroy.

Last week, the group from Brisbane Animal Save barricaded the public road outside the SunPork Group owned factory.

The driver stopped while members ran to pat the pigs and take photographs and videos.

Group organiser, Amanda Holly, said they were there to bear witness and raise awareness.

“Pigs are killed here and sent to gas chambers and suffer terrible death every hour,” Ms Holly said.

“So we’re going to do everything we can to come and document that”.

Brisbane Animal Save members "bear witness" outside Swickers Bacon Factory.
Brisbane Animal Save members “bear witness” outside Swickers Bacon Factory.

The activists said they stopped the truck on public ground due to security.

Trucks were arriving minutes after police driving by.

A security guard was keeping the property off-limits while eating his burger with bacon.

When a truck seemed without an escort, the group seized the opportunity to halt it.

Soon after, police issued their move on warning.

The protest came a week shy of Kingaroy’s first bacon festival beginning on Friday.

Businesses in the main street are supporting the SunPork sponsored BaconFest with various piggy displays.

Local business owner, Michael Rahe, said the group was interrupting people making a living.

“Basically, we’re in a pro-meat-eating town … so I honestly think it’s a waste of time,” Mr Rahe said.

“We’re in the country. Swickers is the backbone.

“If that goes, then what?

“We’re gone and so are the surrounding towns,” he said.

Swickers is the largest pig slaughterhouse in the southern hemisphere processing 18,000 pigs weekly, according to the ABC.

It is the main employer for Kingaroy and neighbouring Nanango.

This was the group’s fourth vigil at Swickers with others at Inghams in Murrarie and JBS in Ipswich.

Before hanging up the phone, a representative from Swickers asked for respect of their company’s views.