For the  most part, life can fall into somewhat of a mundane routine as we go about our daily tasks; but every now and again, life gifts to us precious moments.

This evening, my family dropped in to visit our former neighbours – a lovely elderly couple who have always taken great interest and care towards my family and children. The lady, we’ll call Twid, and her husband, Clive.

Well it turns out Twid has been singing alto with her sister as soprano for over half a century and Clint happened to stumble upon some of their music recorded on a disc… cue the most adorable and touching Disney-in-real-life moment I have ever witnessed!

As Twid sang along to the yesteryear sounding melody, Gemma held her hands and sang along to her own tune. They rocked from side to side, Gemma’s eyes telling of her enchantment with the magical Mrs Twid. Harvey watched on, equally enthralled. And for this short moment of time, everyone in the room was simply enjoying each other’s company.

Thus, we ended up thoroughly enjoying an afternoon, which soon turned into night, of wonderful company filled with interesting tales from their life’s adventures. Afterwards I felt a profound realisation at just how invaluable it was, and is, to just slow down and reconnect with those who have crossed our path in life. There were no phones in the room, no social media. Just real connections. And it is those connections that give our lives meaning.