ABC Tropical North, Mackay

During my two week internship, I produced various radio stories involving research, finding talent, interviewing, editing audio and writing subcopy – both for news bulletins and other segments. I am grateful for having had such a wonderful opportunity with a supportive and funny team.

A feature story about two legends who are still working hard putting up barb-wired property fences well after they were due to retire.

Fencing at 80

I researched and wrote this short story about the Queensland-based 9th Battalion landing at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915 which was aired across the state on ANZAC Day, 2019.

My aim was to give the audience an immersive experience by layering music and sound effects to recreate the atmosphere of that dreadful morning. (Although of course, I could never do justice to the actual lived experience).

The narrative is voiced by ABC Tropical North’s Tegan Philpott and the interview is with war historian, Doctor Jack Ford.

Sergeant Frank Page lands at Gallipoli with the 9th Battalion.

Package about proposed Reef Bill amendments – aired on ABC Tropical North’s Saturday Breakfast with Jonathan O’Neill.

Also included are the 6.30am and 7.30am news bulletin versions.

Saturday Breakfast package
6.30am news bulletin
7.30am news bulletin

My story on increased coal spending in the Mackay and Bowen Basin region led the 6.30am news bulletin, followed by my story on new agri-tourism farm tours (both 6.30am and 7.30am bulletins are included below).

Also included is my extended package for the Rural Report that allowed for extended analysis.

6.30am news bulletin
7.30am news bulletin
Rural Report package

Story about Mackay missing out on a public hearing into the prevention of sexual violence in Queensland. When I found out Cairns also missed out, I wrote the copy to work across both locations.

6.30am news bulletin
7.30am news bulletin