In 1945, 225,000 people were wiped off the planet by only 2 atomic bombs. Not to mention the many generations who subsequently suffered over the succeeding decades.

In 2017, there are almost 15,000 (at best, this is a guess) nuclear warheads owned by only nine countries. The United States and Russia possess about 92% of those bombs, with around 1,800 on high-alert status; translation: ready to deploy at a moment’s notice (

Just 15 bombs could collapse agriculture across the globe causing widespread famine, disease, and destruction.

Perhaps just a sprinkle more bombs deployed, and a nuclear winter freeze would materialise. This occurs from the fallout of smoke and dust that would block out the Earth’s sunlight. Any plant or animal life not obliterated in the original blast, would ensuingly die.

But let’s not be irrational here. Let’s just imagine one bomb. How about the largest one ever designed: the 100 megaton Russian Tsar Bomba – its explosive power equivalent to 100,000,000 tonnes of TNT? For the purposes of this scenario, let’s choose smack-bang over centre of Brisbane city as our detonation destination. An instantaneous fire ball reaches a radius of 6.1km. Within a 32.63km radius, most residential buildings have collapsed, 1.039 million have perished, and another 813 thousand have sustained injuries. Finally, third-degree thermal radiation burns are felt up to 73.7km away. That’s west to Esk, north to Beerwah, south to the Gold Coast, and East to Stradbroke Island. Scary, huh? [Want to choose somewhere else? Try the simulation for yourself:]

The current rhetoric is that possessing nuclear weapons acts as a deterrence. Firstly, how much deterrence do you need? And secondly, it’s like having the goose with the golden eggs. Other nations want it. Not much of a deterrent.

$60,000,000,000. That’s a ball-park figure of the annual dollars spent by the USA on maintaining and “modernising” their nuclear arsenal.

But hey, USA, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel & North Korea… by all means, continue to neglect your poorest of people in favour of deadly, inhumane weapons of mass warfare. You’re really doing a solid for humanity.